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I'm writing a new describe procedure for Guile as a part of Guile Emacs.
I extracted this module and packaged it separately:

It works like this:

  % guile
  guile> (use-modules (help describe))
  guile> (describe 'assq)
  `assq' is a primitive procedure.
  Defined in `$(LIBGUILE)/alist.c:147'.

  (assq KEY ALIST)

  Fetches the entry in ALIST that is associated with KEY.  To
  decide whether the argument KEY matches a particular entry in
  ALIST, `assq' compares keys with `eq?', `assv'
  uses `eqv?' and `assoc' uses `equal?'.  If KEY
  cannot be found in ALIST (according to whichever equality
  predicate is in use), then `#f' is returned.  These functions
  return the entire alist entry found (i.e. both the key and the value).

This version is not so different from the one included in Guile Emacs
0.4 (or 0.5).  It is buggy and far from complete, but better than nothing.

This package also contains a preliminary version of new `apropos' and
a diagram of GOOPS's class hierarchy in PostScript.

Keisuke Nishida

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