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GOOPS 0.1.2 released

Version 0.1.2 of GOOPS---Guile Object Oriented Programming System is
now available via anonymous FTP from and mirrors
of that site (see list below).

GOOPS is the object oriented extention to Guile.  Its implementation
is derived from STk-3.99.3 by Erick Gallesio and version 1.3 of Gregor
Kickzales `Tiny-Clos'.

Briefly stated, the GOOPS extension gives the user a full object
oriented system with multiple inheritance and generic functions with
multi-method dispatch.  Furthermore, the implementation relies on a
true meta object protocol, in the spirit of the one defined for CLOS
(`Gregor Kiczales: A Metaobject Protocol').

Obtaining GOOPS ======================================================

The latest official GOOPS release is available via anonymous FTP from, as /pub/gnu/guile/guile-oops-0.1.2.tar.gz.

Via the web, that's:
For getit, that's:

If you don't already have Guile 1.3.2 installed on your system, you
also need to download and install

The mailing list `' carries discussions,
questions, and often answers, about Guile.  To subscribe, send mail to  Of course, please send bug
reports (and fixes!) to  Note that one address is, and the other is at

Anonymous CVS Access and FTP snapshots ===============================

We make the developers' working Guile sources available via anonymous
CVS, and by nightly snapshots, accessible via FTP.  See the files
`ANON-CVS' and `SNAPSHOTS' for details.

If you would like to receive mail when people commit changes to the
Guile CVS repository, you can subscribe to
by sending a message to
better, you can get daily digests of these commit messages by sending
a message to

If you want to subscribe an e-mail address other than the one that
appears in your From: header, say, send a mail note to

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  Source code is available on most sites distributing GNU software.
  Executables for various systems and information about using gzip can be
  found at the URL

  For information on how to order GNU software on CD-ROM and
  printed GNU manuals, see
  or e-mail a request to:

  By ordering your GNU software from the FSF, you help us continue to
  develop more free software.  Media revenues are our primary source of
  support.  Donations to FSF are deductible on US tax returns.

  The above software will soon be at these ftp sites as well.
  Please try them before as is very busy!
  A possibly more up-to-date list is at the URL


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  South Africa -
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  Costa Rica -
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  Australia - (archie.oz or for ACSnet)
  Australia -
  Australia -
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