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Re: Direction

>>>>> "Lalo" == Lalo Martins <> writes:

    >> 3) An extension language based heavily on Scheme, but with many
    >> powerful extentions.

    Lalo> Yet Another Extension Language? What's the point? Who says
    Lalo> people will switch? Who says people will care?

My understanding is that RMS decided that GNU needed a good extension
language to use in GNU projects.  

    Lalo> Most people could care less for Scheme.

Let me go one step further.  Most users don't care about particular
extension languages at all.  They use what they're presented with.

Most application developers seem to look around and find one that is
convenient.  I'm not a "developer" in the sense that I only work on
code specific to my research, but I originally chose siod because it
was easy to embed.  When I tried it was a lot easier to embed than
perl or python (TCL was easy, but had significant performance
problems.  I haven't tried it recently).  I've followed to scm and
then guile.

    Lalo> And whoever says Scheme is as easy to learn as Python needs
    Lalo> a doctor.

As a matter of fact, I am a doctor.  (Sorry, couldn't resist).