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Re: --enable-maintainer-mode failure.

1.3 and readline; mail archives

Re: 3.99.3

[Alex Stark <>] Re: Suggestions for smob usages in an extended smob space

[PATCH] Re: gh_eval_file_with_catch ignoring given handler

Re: [PATCH] solaris socket communications bug workaround

Re: `undefine' bug or feature?

Re: Additions to the gh_ interface.

ANNOUNCE: guile-gtk 0.11 released

Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: SART mailing list available

Re: Anon build failure (usleep redefined)

Re: Anon build failure (usleep rtn value detection failure) & a fix.

Re: Anon build failure.

Re: Anybody waiting for godot? :)

Autoconf macro for using Guile

Re: avl-trees vs. hashes

Re: awk imitation with guile

bignum bugs

Re: bignum printing bug

boot-9.scm cleanup.

Bug in reader?

Bug in scm_regexp_exec

Re: Bug in shared substrings?

Re: Bug/Question?

Re: Bug??

Re: Bug?? [defined? and modules]

Re: Bug???

Re: Building slib.

bytecode speed (was Re: Tcl misconceptions)

Re: C examples - missing?

Re: C++, guile-snarf, and guile-1.3

Re: call for fanatics

Re: Change to variable interface request

concerning your site

Re: condition variables and mutexes

Controversial change?

Could there be any cooperation between the GUILE and casbah efforts?

Re: could we rename ice9

Re: database access - Re: Scheme is too complicated

Re: Database access for Guile

Re: db interface (was Re: Scheme is too complicated)

Re: Debugging Guile with gdb

Re: Debugging in guile

Doc for weak hashes

Don't use EGCS, or do patch automake

Re: Dybvig's Guardians etc.

Re: Dybvig's syntax-case --- (ice-9 syncase) --- removed

Re: dynl.h not #included by libguile.h

Error in libguile/scmsigs.c ??

Re: eval-ing records

Re: Faster reader (Re: Startup time in guile-1.3 (II))

Re: fgets method for ptobs

Re: Finding the top of the stack

Re: finite state machines in guile


Re: gc notes available

Re: getop-gnu-style.scm

getopt-long, take 2

Re: getopt-long.scm (was: Re: getop-gnu-style.scm)

getting the new guile-config directory in your CVS working dir

Re: gh function protoypes

Re: gh interface needs for Scwm

Re: gh_assert?

Re: gh_enter reconsidered

Re: gh_eval_file_with_catch ignoring given handler

Re: The GIMP! By gum, I forgot all about it!

Re: The GIMP! By gum, I forgot all about it!

given the recent enthusiasm for read-line problems,

GOOS v.0.3

Re: guardians (was: Re: *Solved*: GC problem)

Guile 1.3 released

Re: guile and threads (was too complicated)

Guile beta release 1.2.90 available

Re: Guile CVS users: new directory

Re: guile extension: python dictionary type

Re: Guile idea list

Re: Guile numerical work and uniform arrays

Guile regexp timings.

Re: Guile startup cleaned up a bit

Guile versions (Re: guile-gtk? )

guile-1.2.90/ ncurses termcap


Re: guile-gtk?

Re: gzipped modules and datafiles

Re: Has anyone implemented their own port types?

Re: hash table subtleties

Re: hobbit for guile-1.3

Re: hobbit question

Re: hobbit.scm call-order.patch

Re: how to scm_smob_p?

Re: I wish...

I'm the mailing list contact!

Re: Idea List

Re: Ignorance as to how (write) works

Re: Jim's wish list: gd library interface

Re: JOBOP Software Engineer

Re: keyword args + CLOS

Re: keywords in 1.2

Re: latest port-line fix.

Re: load-from-port

Re: local-eval and quote

macros and the module system

Re: Mail archive at

Re: Mailing list archive at red-bean

Merging genio.c with ports.c?

Re: Module editing; debugging with gdb

Re: Module names

Re: Module system

Re: More regexp timings - prof results - any ideas?

Re: Motif Port

Re: Motif port to guile

Re: Motif Port.

Re: naming modules

Re: Naming modules (was: Re: getop-gnu-style.scm)

Re: nesting scm_protect/unprotect_object

Re: New mailing list location?

Re: A new module system for Guile

Re: New uniform vectors design - Draft I

New xguile

No Subject

Number of arguments ?

Re: numbers.[ch]

Re: numeric tower ?

Re: Object type tag bits

Re: Objects and records.

Re: optional parameters

Re: Order of loading at startup

Re: Pager No longer crashes Scwm on exit

Re: Planned presentation at The Bazaar

Re: Planned regexp change - comments & legal issues.

port system revised

port to win32

Re: port-line bug details & patch question (& anon build failure)

Re: port-line bug details & patch question.

Re: Progress on using FvwmButtons (and some questions)

Re: Proposed change to DYNAMIC LINKING

Re: random generators time-critical?

reading scheme variables into C code

Readline + hobbit?


Re: regexp profiling hell....

Re: Regular expressions

Re: Repeated questions...

Requests for comments on Abstract.

Re: require vs use-modules


SART mailing list addendum

Re: Scheme is too complicated

Re: Scheme style auto-resizing hashtable

Re: Scheme style auto-resizing hashtable (fwd)

Re: Scheme style auto-resizing hashtable (fwd)

Scheme48's `(define a a)'

Re: scwm & guile-1.3

Re: Segmentation violation in (select) ?

skiplists (or treaps) instead? Was: avl-trees vs. hashes

snapshot guile-core-19981004 is bad

snapshots back, I think...

Re: So, who's maintaining the module registry?

Re: Some sort of bug??

Re: Sound/sample processing library

Re: Startup time in guile-1.3

Re: Startup time in guile-1.3 (II)

subscribe problem

Re: Suggestions for smob usages in an extended smob space

Tail recursion

Re: Tail recursion and hobbit (was: finite state machines in guile)

Re: Tcl misconceptions

Re: TCL->Scheme

Re: TCL->Scheme as it stands

RE: thread question

Re: TODO list: httpd server parsed guile.

top of stack function for libc

Re: totally insane

Ulrich's reply on top of stack in glibc 2.1


Re: usleep defintion in coop.c

warning: build-guile renamed

Re: warnings laid to rest

Re: What now?

RE: Windoze NT, Visual C and guile

Re: workings of gh_string2scm

Re: Wrong type argument in position 1: %S

Re: Yow: Maciej.

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