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Re: TCL->Scheme

>>>>> "Ian" == Ian Bicking <> writes:

    Ian> I've been working on a TCL to Scheme translator, and I have a
    Ian> few questions to throw out there.

    Ian> Is there anyone else actively working on translating
    Ian> languages to Scheme?

I have read (glanced at) some papers concerning rush which was a high
level language meant to look like tcl-tk and which was translated into
scheme. I got these from the web but have no idea where I got them. 

Adam Sah, Jon Blow and Brian Dennis.  
``An Introduction to the Rush Language.''
Proc. Tcl'94.  June, 1994.

Adam Sah and Jon Blow.
``The Design and Implementation of the Rush Language.''

If I remember correctly they were trying to translate rush into Tcl
first but had a lot of trouble and decided to do a translation to
If you cannot find this stuff, send me a mail and I will browse my
huge archive of unread papers and try to send them to you. 

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