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Announcing gnatsweb 2.6

Hi folks,

Is it just me or is anyone else thinking they could use a real relational
database for bug tracking?  Particularly for operations like:

    a. assigning all of Joe's open bugs to Jane
    b. querying how many open bugs, per developer, etc.

Anyway, I'm still occasionally hacking on gnatsweb, and I made a new
release.  You can get the latest gnatsweb release at:

Here is what has changed since 2.5 (from the ChangeLog):

1999-11-30  Kenneth H. Cox  <>

	* Enhancement: If user does not have cookies enabled, they now get
	a warning on the Login page.  Previously, you would have to submit
	the login page before you got the warning, then you would have to
	go back and resubmit the page.  A little JavaScript goes a long

1999-11-27  Kenneth H. Cox  <>

	* Enhancement: If DEFAULT_RELEASE is set in the gnats config file,
	then it is now used as the default value in new PR's.
	Patch by Brian Cameron <Brian.Cameron@Eng.Sun.COM>.

	* Bug fix: In "send email" link, include GNATS_ADDR.
	Patch by Jason Molenda <>.

	* Enhancement: Reversed the default sort, so that new PR's appear
	before older ones.  Added some more debug prints.
	Patch by Tim Riker <>.

1999-11-18  Kenneth H. Cox  <>

	* New features: Now the site_callback can
	- supply default values for various things until they are
	specified and stored in the user's cookies: Reporter's
	email...(more coming?).  This facilitates that first PR for new
	- print new buttons at top+bottome of main page.
	- print stuff at the top of individual fields on the sendpr and
	editpr pages.

	See for	examples.

	* Bug fix: The default list of columns displayed for a query was
	empty; now it isn't.  You can still get the empty list if you
	explicitly turn off all columns.

==========  gnatsweb 2.6 beta2 released ===================================

1999-11-17  Kenneth H. Cox  <>

	* New feature: Now all links and forms contain the database param,
	so that you can keep multiple databases open in multiple browser

==========  gnatsweb 2.6 beta released ===================================

1999-11-14  Kenneth H. Cox  <>

	* New feature? Cookies are now stored with path=/.  I don't know
	if this'll help IE users or not; I actually did it to share
	cookies between my test web and my main web.  You should still be
	able to get to your stored queries, and even delete them.

	* New feature: If you follow a URL such as
	and you are forced to login, then after logging in you will be
	redirected to the requested age.  I tried doing this with a
	redirect but that didn't work; had to use a somewhat ugly
	zero-delay refresh.  If you can figure that out I'd be grateful.

	* New feature: Split cookies into a global cookie (column
	preference and email addr) and a db-specific cookie.  That way you
	don't have to keep typing in different passwords if you change

	* Code reorg: Cleaned up the main proc especially w.r.t. the
	cookie-setting stuff.  Now all of the preference settings happen
	at once, and there is only one 'switch' over all of the commands.
	However, if you don't have cookies enabled I probably broke the
	detection of this error.

1999-11-13  Kenneth H. Cox  <>

	* New feature: Added a button to delete stored queries.
	Patch by Robert Lupton the Good <>.

	* Bug fix (get_mailto_link): MSIE users need special handling in
	the mailto: link.
	Patch by <>.

Kenneth H. Cox
Software Guy
Sente, Inc.

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