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GNU C Library master sources annotated tag, glibc-2.15, created. glibc-2.15

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU C Library master sources".

The annotated tag, glibc-2.15 has been created
        at  889f72e291330acf94fc51554a44e09052288c40 (tag)
   tagging  c0da14cdda1fa552262ce3624156194eef43e973 (commit)
  replaces  glibc-2.14
 tagged by  Ulrich Drepper
        on  Sun Dec 25 16:23:07 2011 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
glibc 2.15 release
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Adhemerval Zanella (4):
      Trigonometric optimizations for POWER
      PowerPC: Arithmetic function optimizations for POWER
      Optimized nearbyint for PPC
      Optimized strcasecmp for Power7

Alan Modra (1):
      Fix profiling on powerpc32 secure-plt shared libs and PIEs

Andreas Dilger (1):
      Handle Lustre filesystem

Andreas Jaeger (9):
      Quash two memset undeclared warnings.
      Fix warnings in resolver code
      Add test case strtod underflow
      Fix for description of cross reference in manual
      Fix fopen (non-existing-file, "re") errno
      Fix warning in elf/sprof.c
      Fix remainder (NaN, 0)
      Fix netname2host
      Add parameter annotation to modf

Andreas Krebbel (3):
      S/390 longlong.h: Fix smul_ppmm with -m31 -mzarch
      S/390: Don't use r11 in INTERNAL_VSYSCALL_NCS macro
      S/390: Fix longlong.h inline asms for zarch

Andreas Schwab (92):
      Improve 64-bit build
      Fix Ipv4&IPv6 lookup in getaddrinfo
      Fix crash in GB18030 encoder
      Make sure RES_USE_INET6 is always restored
      nss_compat: query NIS domain only when needed
      Fix alloca accounting in strxfm
      Use size_t for strlen results
      Fix missing include
      Fix AVX check
      Fix inline strncat/strncmp on x86
      Fix encoding name for IDN in getaddrinfo
      Properly tokenize nameserver line for servers with IPv6 address
      Fix stack alignment on x86_64
      Clean up PLT use for scandirat
      Avoid executable stack in makedb
      Use correct scandir64 implementation on ppc64
      Remove the file<
      Adjust libm test ulps for powerpc
      Fix testsuite link failure
      Revert "Don't crash when dependencies are missing"
      Fix missing declaration
      Correct cycle detection during dependency sorting
      Fix spurious nop at start of __strspn_ia32
      Fix scope handling during dl_close
      Relocate objects in dependency order
      Fix setxid race handling exiting threads
      Fix missing declaration
      Revert "Fix semid_ds for x86-64"
      Fix crash during error handling
      Prepend $(..) to $(ldd-rewrite-script) if non-absolute
      Remove last use of USE___THREAD
      Fix invalid conversion in __cmsg_nxthdr
      Only use USE___THREAD when defined
      Fix pattern on $(ldd-rewrite-script) substitution
      Avoid macro clash between <sys/select.h> and <linux/posix_types.h>
      Fix undefined symbol in powerpc64 dl-machine.h
      Also relocate in dependency order when doing symbol dependency testing
      Fix PLT uses in libm on powerpc
      Avoid race between {,__de}allocate_stack and __reclaim_stacks during fork
      Fix parse error in bits/mathinline.h with --std=c99
      Correctly reparse group line after enlarging the buffer
      Adjust powerpc libm ULPs
      Don't call ifunc functions in trace mode
      Implement __isinf_nsl for IBM long double
      Fix PLT use in getnetgrent_r
      Add memrchr tests
      Check for zero size in memrchr for x86_64
      Fix PLT use in feupdateenv on x86_64
      Fix lost feraiseexcept symbol
      Adjust s390 libm ULPs
      Fix searching for C++ system headers for cross compilers
      Fix lost wmemcmp symbol
      Correctly handle missing initgroups database
      Fix syntax error in __THROW macro
      Fix linkage conflict with feraiseexcept
      Fix last change
      Fix PLT use for feraiseexcept on x86_64
      Preserve link time dependencies over relocation dependencies
      Fix compilation due to __nan defines
      Add missing _finite aliases
      Fix lost wcslen symbol
      Small optimization of dependency sorting
      Fix strchr test
      Use correct signedness in default implementations of wcscmp and wmemcmp
      Make math_force_eval accept non-addressable arguments
      Fix uses of math_force_eval
      Don't mark memory synchronisation functions as leaf
      Move wide char related routines to wcsmbs subdir
      Fix some warning nits
      Properly set extra-objs in nscd makefile
      Ignore libaudit.h when checking for system header use
      Account for alloca size rounding in extend_alloca
      Don't fail in makedb if SELinux is disabled
      Don't start AVC thread until credentials are installed
      Fix off-by-one when reading link name in sprof
      Always provide declarations of long double math functions when !_LIBC
      Fix buffer allocation in files initgroups handler
      Fix locking in _IO_flush_all_lockp
      Check malloc arana limit atomically
      Mark setjmp and ucontext functions as non-leaf
      Fix db makefile rule for group.db
      Don't call reused_arena when _int_new_arena failed
      Fix reference counting in network interface information cache
      Fix clock_gettime for assumed kernel >= 2.6.12
      Fix SSSE3/SSE4.2 strcasecmp[_l]/strncasecmp[_l] for non-PIC and -mno-tls-direct-seg-refs
      Fix access after end of search string in regex matcher
      Adjust libm test ulps for s390
      Truncate time values in Linux futimes when falling back to utime
      Mark fortified __FD_ELT as extension
      Fix a wrong constant in powerpc hypot implementation
      Fix division by denominator with more than two limbs in strtold

Aurelien Jarno (2):
      Fix build with multiarch disabled.
      Fix duplicate definition of Elf64_FuncDesc

Bruno Haible (2):
      iconv mapping of U+0385 in TCVN5712-1 is incorrect
      iconv mapping of 0xA8 0xEC in CP1258 is non-canonical

Carlos O'Donell (2):
      Document copyright year range notation in README.
      Return errno on failure in allocate_stack

David S. Miller (14):
      sparc: Fix LD_BIND_NOW with multiarch.
      Add an elf_ifunc_invoke interface so that architectures can implement
      * sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/ia64/sys/ptrace.h: Add missing comma in
      * sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/sparc/bits/resource.h (RLIM_INFINITY,
      Fix tst-writev on non-4K page size
      Fix typo in tst-cleanup0.out rule.
      Bug fixes for ____longjmp_chk on sparc.
      Fix jmpbuf unwind checks on sparc64.
      Fix nptl/tst-cancel17 and nptl/tst-cancelx17 with recent gcc.
      Rewritten v9/64-bit sparc strcmp.
      Fix sparc localplt testcase failures.
      Sanitize HWCAP_SPARC_* defines/usage, and add new entries.
      Fix nptl semaphore cleanup invocation.
      Fixes and optimizations for 32-bit sparc fabs*().

Denis Zaitceff (1):
      string/strncat.c: fix compilation for some architectures

H.J. Lu (7):
      Assume Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processor if AVX is available
      Optimized st{r,p}{,n}cpy for SSE2/SSSE3 on x86-32
      Improved st{r,p}{,n}cpy for SSE2 and SSSE3 on x86-64
      Fix unwind info in 32bit SSE2/SSSE3 strncpy
      Use __gettimeofday instead of gettimeofday
      Simplify AVX check
      Fix macro used in test

Jakub Jelinek (2):
      Fix <bits/mqueue2.h> for C++
      Fix up __kernel_rem_pio2 for FLT_EVAL_METHOD != 0 architectures

Jeff Law (2):
      Manual typo fix for _SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN.
      BZ #5245: pthread_create returns EAGAIN for stack allocation failure, not ENOMEM.

Jiri Olsa (3):
      rtld, i386: Fix cfi directive in audit trampoline code
      Handle OOM in NSS
      More fallout from OOM in NSS

John Stanley (1):
      Add missing definition of LOCPATH for bug-regex32 run

Joseph Myers (2):
      Link with for __stack_chk_guard.
      Support building bits/syscall.h for any number of subarch variants.

Liubov Dmitrieva (20):
      Improve 64 bit strcat functions with SSE2/SSSE3
      Improve x86-32 strcat functions with SSE2/SSSE3
      New comprehensive test for wcscmp
      Optimized strchr and strrchr with SSE2 on x86-32
      Add Atom-optimized strchr and strrchr for x86-64
      Fix up x86-32 section names for Atom code
      New comprehensive test for wmemcmp
      Improve 64 bit memchr, memrchr, rawmemchr with SSE2
      delete 4 lines with unused "define" macros in test-memcmp
      Optimized memchr, memrchr, rawmemchr for x86-32
      Optimized memcmp and wmemcmp for x86-64 and x86-32
      Fix signedness in wcscmp comparison
      Add wcslen test cases
      Add wcschr test cases
      Optimized strnlen and wcscmp for x86-64
      Add optimized wcslen and strnlen for x86-32
      Fix overrun in strcpy destination buffer in x86-32/SSSE3 version
      Fix wrong copying processing for last bytes in x86-32 wcscpy
      Fix overrun in destination buffer

Marek Polacek (11):
      nss_db: Quash read implicit declaration warning
      Avoid warning in nscd config file parsing code
      elf/cache.c: Remove unnecessary condition
      _dl_sort_fini: Remove unused argument
      dcigettext.c: Add missing bracket
      Add const attr to gnu_dev_{major,minor,makedev}
      elf/dl-load.c: Avoid warning
      Remove unused variables
      Avoid warnings in __*_finite math function declarations with C++
      Add missing inline keyword
      Fix typos in comments

Michael Zolotukhin (1):
      Improve x86-32 SSSE3 memcpy

Mike Frysinger (1):
      Use CPPFLAGS from configure.

Paul Pluzhnikov (2):
      Fix lround() loses precision
      Use extend_alloca in _dl_map_object_deps.

Petr Baudis (1):
      Fix jn precision

Rafael �vila de Espíndola (1):
      Define x86_64 feraiseexcept inline only under __USE_EXTERN_INLINES.

Richard B. Kreckel (1):
      Fix sign errr in some cacosh results

Roland McGrath (50):
      Use canonical FSF .texi files for LGPL and FDL texts.
      Use -Wl,-r instead of plain -r.
      Revert -r -> -Wl,-r change.
      Use AC_LANG_PROGRAM in nss-crypt check.
      Quash some new warnings from GCC 4.6.
      Better detect total failure of linker script generation.
      Fix missing .ctors/.dtors lead word in soinit
      Distinguish configure check for .ctors/.dtors header/trailers.
      Use -defsym=_begin=0 instead of linker script munging.
      Make asserts accept DT_FLAGS/DT_FLAGS_1 with zero flags.
      Consolidate references in new variables.
      Add --with-default-link configure option.
      Explicitly remove .gnu.glibc-stub sections with objcopy when not using
      Rewrite local headers check to be more robust and informative.
      Generate to use relative directory names.
      Remove an unused variable in localedata tests.
      Fail if comes out empty.
      Default install_root value from DESTDIR.
      Find readelf with AC_CHECK_TOOL for use in configure tests.
      Rewrite -z relro configure check to be empirical.
      Use an empirical check for .ctors/.dtors -> .init_array/.fini_array magic.
      Comment typo fix.
      Fix a braino in new relro configure test.
      Adjust relro test to work around GNU ld limitations.
      Quash a warning in nptl/allocatestack.c
      Quash a warning in strstr-c.c built for static.
      Fix remaining explicit uses of to use $(shlib-lds).
      Use linker --print-output-format option if available.
      Default to --with-default-link=yes if configure check finds good -shared layout.
      Never use -mpreferred-stack-boundary=2 on i386, now disallowed by GCC.
      Warning patrol.
      Clean up locale/Makefile variables for -D switches.
      More warning patrol.
      More warning patrol, in dead code (sigh).
      Align x86 TCB to 64 bytes (cache line size), important for Atom.
      Merge branch 'roland/x86-tcb-align'
      Hurd: fix use of uninitialized value in fork port copying.
      BZ#13153: Update manual last-edit info.
      Define ELFOSABI_GNU.
      Use HIDDEN_JUMPTARGET rather than spelling out its effects, for ____longjmp_chk implementations.
      Get rid of tls.make include file.
      Clean up disabling of script_execute
      Fix some grammar in the manual.
      Fix some nit warnings.
      Conditionalize unnecessary #include.
      Clean up locarchive mmap reservation code.
      BZ#13291: Manual typo fix for strverscmp.
      Remove mention of open_obstack_stream, which has never existed in libio.
      BZ#13349: Missing BZ tag for last change.
      Fix __readlink declaration.

Ross Lagerwall (1):
      Open /etc/resolv.conf with FD_CLOEXEC

Samuel Thibault (2):
      sysdeps/mach/hurd/sys/param.h (DEV_BSIZE): New macro.
      Fix _IOT_sgttyb definition.

Thomas Jarosch (1):
      Fix readlink call in ldconfig's chroot handling

Thorsten Kukuk (1):
      Handle nscd negtimeout==0

Ulrich Drepper (366):
      Don't free non-malloced memory and fix memory leak
      Fix typo in  stack guard setup code for old kernels
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Start 2.15 development
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Add pldd program
      OOps, wrong version number for development version
      Fix memory leak in getaddrinfo
      Rewrite makedb to avoid using db library
      Reenable nss_db with a completely new implementation
      Optimize hash table generation in makedb
      Fix handling of initgroups database.
      Add initgroups lookup support to getent
      Add initgroups lookups to nss_db
      Cleanup of db-XXX.c
      Install db-Makefile
      Fix typo in recent resolver change which causes segvs
      Add missing DL_CALL_FCT
      Revert unwanted patch
      Minor optimization of getaddrinfo after recent patch
      Fix IPv6-only lookups through getaddrinfo
      Fix crash in unsuccessful uses of nss_db
      Clean up after kernel sigcontext header mess
      Rate limit expensive _SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN computation
      Use a /sys/devices/system/cpu/online for _SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN implementation
      Avoid __check_pf calls in getaddrinfo unless really needed
      Work around limit in writev in 2.6.38+ kernels
      We don't use linkobj/ at runtmie, no need to check for text rels
      Minimal cleanup in innetgr.
      Add missing HAVE_SENDFILE definition
      Fix handling of RES_USE_INET6 big in nscd
      Remove the --experimental-malloc option
      Fix quoting in some installed shell scripts
      Avoid write to invalid file descriptor in nscd
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Fix robust mutex handling after fork
      nscd cleanups
      Optimize long-word additions in SHA implementation
      Fix last patch for big-endian machines
      Complete last patch
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Avoid warning.
      Fix handling of chained netgroups
      Add the extra check also in innetgr
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Fix typo in last patch
      Change error code for underflows in strtod
      Handle W; without long options in getopt
      Rebuild configure scripts
      Fix for installation in sysdeps/s390/s390-64/Makefile
      iconvdata/johab.c: Don't inline unlikely called function
      Add string/test-strncat.c
      nis/nss_nisplus: Kill warnings
      Handle ext4 in {,f}pathconf
      (memalign_check): No need to use checked_request2size.
      Transltion updates
      Generalize framework to register monitoring of files in nscd
      Updated Swedish and Dutch translations.
      Fix typos in pretty much unused code in sched.h header.
      Avoid possible crashes in anormal nscd exits
      Use union to avoid casts in code to store results of hashsum computations
      Fix whitespaces
      Correct feature announcement
      Updated translations.
      Force :a_x86_64_ymm to be 16-byte aligned
      Fix check for AVX enablement
      Check for overflows in expressions
      Add more tests for strcat and strncat.
      Fix overflow bug is optimized strncat for x86-64
      Add read barrier protecting DES initialization
      Optimize __init_des_r
      One more change to XSAVE patch
      Add read barriers in cancellation initialization
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      One more typo in AVX test
      Adjust test for correct installation
      Update ptrace constants
      Define AF_NFC and PF_NFC
      Define SEEK_DATA and SEEK_HOLE
      Fix whitespaces
      Cleanup wcscmp test addition
      Provide better output in string tests
      Avoid multiple definitions of identical scandir cancellation handler
      Implement scandirat function
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Locale-independent parsing in libintl
      Minor optimization of popcount in l10nflist
      Better debug information from
      Better check for last patch
      Fix compile problem
      Fix caller information of NSS modules
      Implement LD_DEBUG=scopes
      Add missing initialization in service cache in nscd
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Fix printing of scope number
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Avoid warning from last change
      Improve printing of lookup scopes
      Prevent possible race conditions by attaching pldd to all threads
      Fix some problem of 32-bit pldd on 64-bit platforms
      Add rules to build libresolv with SSP flags
      Fix CFI info in x86-64 trampolines for non-AVX code
      Fix minor CFI problem in regular x86-64 trampoline
      Fix CL entry
      Add test for BZ 13114
      Further improve printing os ELF symbol lookup scope information
      Print message that there is no scope instead of being silent
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Minor optimizatin in alias lookup in files NSS module
      More optimizations of nss_files
      Use ifuncs for time and gettimeofday on x86-64
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Fix semid_ds for x86-64
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Update Japanese translation
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Add x86-32 optimized wcscmp
      Fix whitespaces
      Add optimized x86-64 wcscmp
      Fix whitespaces
      Use O_CLOEXEC when loading cache
      Fix glob.h header by removing gcc 1.x support
      Fix last checkin
      Try shell in posix_spawn* only in compat mode
      Fix whitespaces
      Remove unused parameter in pldd and simplify ELF handling
      Prefer real syscalls instead of vsyscalls on x86-64 outside
      Remove now-wrong comment
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Avoid gettimeofday vsyscall
      Don't unconditionally use clock_gettime vsyscall on x86-64
      Move Atom-optimized code out of the way and together
      Don't call gettimeofday vsyscall in x86-64 sem_timedwait
      Fix handling of __vdso_clock_gettime
      Make sure __vdso_clock_gettime always contains a valid pointer
      Remove gettimeofday vsyscall use from x86-86 libpthread
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Fix whitespaces
      Check for finite/infinity parms in IBM Long Double 128 fmal( )
      Remove invalid BZ number
      Fix memory leak in case of failed dlopen
      Pass back error code from dlerror_run
      Use O_CLOEXEC when loading objects in
      Move wide char tests to wcsmbs directory
      Add range checking for FD_SET, FD_CLR, and FD_ISSET
      Remove support for automatic cvs check-ins
      Fill in real information in __dl_iterate_phdr
      Fix sotruss help messages
      Don't lock string streams in stream cleanup code
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Fix boundary conditions in scanf
      Use (void*) instead of 0 for return value pointer in __cmsg_nexthdr
      Cleanup of configuration options
      Remove support for !USE___THREAD
      Simplify malloc code
      Simplify malloc initialization
      Remove MALLOC_FAILURE_ACTION use in malloc
      Provide static initializer for _dl_pagesize in statically linked code
      Fix use of AC_INIT
      Avoid cast in non-gcc obstack_free
      Remove --wth-tls option, TLS support is required
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Cleanup CL
      Revert "Remove last use of USE___THREAD"
      Optimize logb code for 64-bit machines
      Optimized lrint and llrint for x86-64
      Use correct section to allow merging
      Add fmax and fmin inlines for x86-64
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      finite for 64-bit platforms
      Optimize libnss_files initialization
      Stop crash in OOM handling in NSS
      Avoid warning when reload of group entry fails
      Don't unnecesarily use inotify in nscd
      Implement caching of nscd
      Fix type in NEWS
      Update Catalan translation
      Fix whitespace
      Update Japanese translation
      Note bug number in CL
      Use private math_private.h in files in math/
      isinf returns the sign of the number, use it in printf*
      Optimize use of isnan, isinf, finite
      Update Japanese translation
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Optimize libm
      Fix whitespaces
      Support optimized isXXX functions in C++ code
      Optimize x86-32 log
      Add missing BZ number to NEWS
      Remove leftover debug message from pldd
      Fix definition of __isctype_f
      Avoid warning in iofwide
      Fix WS
      Optimize access to isXYZ and toXYZ tables
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      No need for boundary case handling in x86-32 __ieee_logf
      Optimize exp
      Add cosh optimized for 64-bit architectures
      Optimized floor for 64-bit architectures
      No need for boundary case handling in x86-32 __ieee_log
      Fix potential problem with skipping relocations
      Cleanup last patch
      Use rounds{s,d} for x86 rint, ceil, floor
      Use leaf function attribute in __THROW
      Fix nesting of #ifdefs in netgroupcache.c
      Fix last x86-64 mathinline change
      Provide internal optimizations on x86-64 with SSE4.1
      Makr x86-64 math_private.h more robust
      Relax asm requirements for recently added x86-64 math interfaces
      Add optimized 64-bit frexp
      Small optimization of generic exp2
      Start optimizing the use of the fenv interfaces in libm itself
      Add optimized nearbyint{,f} for x86-64
      Pretty print last change to x86-64 mathinline.h
      Provide combined internal feholdexcept/fesetround interface
      Use new internal libc_fe* interfaces in more functions
      Add optimized str{,n}casecmp for AVX on x86-64
      Optimize x86-64 rawmemchr and add test
      CL is for code changes
      Move fma routines to right place
      Check for FMA4 support and generate appropriate fma functions
      Don't use NULL in last s_fma{,f} change
      Add some __builtin_expect to generic __ieee754_log
      Fix compilation problems in x86-64 init-arch
      Optimization to some complex math functions
      Add branch predictions to complex math code
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Start using fma in the libm implementation
      Improve DLA_FMA for FMA4
      Update ULPs for x86-64
      Fix typo in last change
      Clean up last dla.h change
      Clean up FMA use
      Fix WS
      More WS fixes
      Update Italian translation
      Fix WS
      Regnerate with modern bison
      Fix WS
      More WS
      Fix WS
      Fix strnlen change
      Remove unnecessary include from x86-32 tls.h
      Optimize f_mod
      Optimized remquo for 64-bit platforms
      Finish renamed DLA_FMA -> DLA_FMS
      Optimize accurate 64-bit routines for FMA4 on x86-64
      Use inline asm for DLA_FMS because of broken old compilers
      Remove warnings in NPTL tests
      Better DLA_FMS
      Cleanup FMA4 patch
      Use VEX encoding in inline math functions on x86-64 when possible
      Use math_force_eval in more places
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Optimize x86-64 SSE4.2+ strcmp a bit more
      Typo in CL
      Add AVX optimized versions for some x86-64 math functions
      Remove code without too much effects
      Clean up x86-64 strcasestr
      More cleanups of x86-64 strstr
      Update Italian translation
      Update Spanish translation
      Add strchrnul performance test
      Avoid warning in dl-lookup.c
      Cleanups in ldconfig's chroot handling
      Correctly NUL-terminate link name in sprof
      Typo in last checkin
      Fix accuracy problem in generic sin
      Add missing register initialization in x86-64 pthread_cond_timedwait
      Mark a few more functions with __THROWNL.
      Avoid assertion in processes with VM in bad shape
      Add bug number
      Fix potential double close in __check_fd if OOM
      Cache network interface information
      Fix typo in CL
      Unify getent output for initgroups database
      Use kernel headers for netlink definitions
      New Linux syscalls process_vm_readv and process_vm_writev
      unsigned long it better for the size arguments
      Fix tst-rfc3484 build failures
      Fix test of non-ASCII locales in x86-64 strcasecmp
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Remove unnecessary code from x86-32 SSSE3 strncmp
      Use strcasecmp_l instead of strcasecmp
      Fix grouping and reuse other locales in various locales
      makecontext doens't need __THROWNL
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Fix warning in nis_table
      Fix warnings in fallback C code of x86-32 wide memory functions
      Fix warnings in regex
      Avoid warning from shifting
      Fix case value used in RPC cod
      Fix warning in __dl_iterate_phdr
      Avoid redefinition of DWARF constants
      Fix incomplete edit in last patch
      Prepare dwarf2.h for multiple inclusion
      Avoid warnings about unused variables in 96-bit hypotl
      Avoid warnings about unused variable in 96-bit j0l and j1l
      Avoid unused warning in getaddrinfo_a
      Fix wanings in clock_gettime
      SSSE3 optimized strcasecmp and strncasecmp for x86-32
      Add SSE4.2 support for strcasecmp and strncasecmp on x86-32
      Merge branch 'x32-strcase'
      Update NEWS
      Use O_CLOEXEC in tzfile handling
      Clean up internal fopen uses
      Pretty printing
      Fix Linux SYSDEP_GETTIME_CPU for newer kernels
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Use O_CLOEXEC in a few more places
      Remove handling of VCs other then git
      Fix CL
      Implement SH backtrace using IA64 version
      SH atomic asms fix for gcc 4.7
      Avoid warning in aicache.c
      Remove aliasing problems in NIS code
      Fix comment in mcheck.h
      Fix more warnings
      Fix aliasing issues in RPC code
      Fix attreibute for _dl_elf_hash
      Small optimization of generic ELF hash function
      Optimize generic ELF hash function a bit more
      Add tests for wcsrchr and wcscpy
      Fix WP
      WP cleanup
      Optimized wcschr and wcscpy for x86-64 and x86-32
      WP fixes
      WP fixes
      Fix WP
      Check values from TZ file header
      Add BZ number
      Fix extension of array in extended printf format handling
      Store invocation-specific data of conversion modules in __gconv_step_data
      Fix one typo
      Fix reading thread name from comm file
      Use Kahan's formula in cacosh
      Define EPOLLONESHOT and EPOLLET using unsigned values
      Use __REDIRECT_NTH for __feraiseexcept_renamed
      Add bho_IN locale
      WP issues
      Add unm_US locale
      WP issues
      Add es_CU locale
      Change currency symbol placement for nl_BE
      Optimize tr_freehook
      Add brx_IN locale
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Build ur_IN locale
      Also retrieve SSE exceptions in x86-32 fegetexceptflag
      Add feraiseexcept optimization for x86-32
      Add missing BZ
      Fix error code for too small input buffer to getnameinfo
      Fix fi_FI collation reordering
      Create internal threads with sufficient stack size
      Use __pthread_get_minstack in more places
      Add ta_LK locale
      Optimize x86-32 feraiseexcept also for !__SSE_MATH__
      Various fixes to fi_FI
      Fix wal_ET locale and build it
      Modernize time format in Swedish locale
      Add another BZ
      Prevent warnings due to long long constants
      Preliminaries for 2.15 release

Will Schmidt (3):
      power7 memcpy VSX optimizations
      power7 strncmp optimization
      Simplify code for accessing powerpc GOT


GNU C Library master sources

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