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libc/sysdeps/posix tempname.c

CVSROOT:	/cvs/glibc
Module name:	libc
Changes by:	2001-02-26 17:57:27

Modified files:
	sysdeps/posix  : tempname.c 

Log message:
	Include <config.h> if HAVE_CONFIG_H.
	Include <stddef.h>, <stdint.h>, <string.h> only if
	Include <fcntl.h> only if HAVE_FCNTL_H || _LIBC.
	Include <unistd.h> only if HAVE_UNISTD_H || _LIBC.
	Include <sys/time.h> only if HAVE_SYS_TIME_H || _LIBC.
	(__set_errno): Define this macro if <errno.h> doesn't.
	Define these macros if <stdio.h> doesn't.
	Define these macros if <sys/stat.h> doesn't.
	Ignore <sys/stat.h> S_ISDIR if STAT_MACROS_BROKEN.
	(stat64, __getpid, __gettimeofday, __mkdir, __open, __open64,
	lxstat64, __xstat64): Define if not _LIBC.
	(struct_stat64): New macro.
	(direxists, __gen_tempname): Use it, to avoid a
	portability problem with Solaris 8.
	(__secure_getenv): Define if ! (HAVE___SECURE_GETENV || _LIBC).
	(__gen_tempname): Invoke gettimeofday only if
	HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY || _LIBC; otherwise, fall back on plain "time".
	Use portable macros like S_IRUSR | S_IWUSR rather than nonportable
	octal values like 0600.

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