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[Bug stdio/25203] Disable libio vtable validation for interposed pre-2.1 stdio handles

--- Comment #17 from cvs-commit at gcc dot <cvs-commit at gcc dot> ---
The release/2.26/master branch has been updated by Florian Weimer

commit 2dc2d678e91f3f093d0f4855ac086efb288a5e23
Author: Florian Weimer <>
Date:   Thu Nov 28 14:44:48 2019 +0100

    libio: Disable vtable validation for pre-2.1 interposed handles [BZ #25203]

    Commit c402355dfa7807b8e0adb27c009135a7e2b9f1b0 ("libio: Disable
    vtable validation in case of interposition [BZ #23313]") only covered
    the interposable glibc 2.1 handles, in libio/stdfiles.c.  The
    parallel code in libio/oldstdfiles.c needs similar detection logic.

    Fixes (again) commit db3476aff19b75c4fdefbe65fcd5f0a90588ba51
    ("libio: Implement vtable verification [BZ #20191]").

    Change-Id: Ief6f9f17e91d1f7263421c56a7dc018f4f595c21
    (cherry picked from commit cb61630ed712d033f54295f776967532d3f4b46a)

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