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[Bug libc/25201] New: __libc_fork: parent thread stack corruption while looping through 'allp' for calling parent_handler

            Bug ID: 25201
           Summary: __libc_fork: parent thread stack corruption while
                    looping through 'allp' for calling parent_handler
           Product: glibc
           Version: 2.17
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: libc
          Assignee: unassigned at sourceware dot org
          Reporter: vibrysec at gmail dot com
                CC: drepper.fsp at gmail dot com
  Target Milestone: ---

Environment: Redhat 7.7/

    Reproducible: first occurence (for thousands of installations).

    Description: at production, proprietary application forks to call /bin/df
utility. It does it twice in sequence (ie not parallel invocation), one after
another. Crash happens within fork library call, after fork has been performed.
Parent process is crashing.

    Parent is going to go through loop:
    /* Run the handlers registered for the parent.  */
    while (allp != NULL)
        if (allp->handler->parent_handler != NULL)              // CRASH here.
          allp->handler->parent_handler ();

        if (atomic_decrement_and_test (&allp->handler->refcntr)
            && allp->handler->need_signal)
          lll_futex_wake (allp->handler->refcntr, 1, LLL_PRIVATE);
        allp = allp->next;

    __fork_handlers keeps one handler:
    (gdb) x/x 0x7f084f08dd78
     0x7f084f08dd78 <__fork_handlers>:  0x00007f084f08be48
    (gdb) print__fork_handlers 0x00007f084f08be48
    $1 = {
      next = 0x0 <main>, 
      prepare_handler = 0x0 <main>, 
      parent_handler = 0x0 <main>, 
      child_handler = 0x7f084eaac260 <__reclaim_stacks>, 
      dso_handle = 0x0 <main>, 
      refcntr = 2, 
      need_signal = 0
    (gdb) x/i 0x00007f084f08be48
     0x7f084f08be48 <fork_handler_pool+8>:      add    %al,(%rax)

    allp pointer ($rbx) points to the bottom of stack - implies it points to
the very first element of used_handlers list, thus the one that wraps
__reclaim_stacks handler.
    (gdb) info reg $rsp
     rsp            0x7f082d7f39d0      0x7f082d7f39d0
    (gdb) info reg $rbx
     rbx            0x7f082d7f39d0      139673099778512

    but used_handler is corrupted - 'handler' value should be 0x7f084f08be48
instead of 0x13a0f00013a0f.
    (gdb) p *(struct used_handler*)$rbx
    $14 = {
      handler = 0x13a0f00013a0f, 
      next = 0x7f082d7fa9e0

    10 pages of stack have been searched for 0x7f084f08be48 - not found.

    As seen above, proprietary application does not register any handlers to
fork call.
    0x13a0f00013a0f - looks somewhat repeated. I'm searching for this value
within the core, but anyway:
    Have You already met conditions above? if Yes, is there a fix?
    Does it look like a bug within libc?

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