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[Bug manual/25156] discrepancy between NSS documentation and actual behaviour/code if nsswitch.conf is absent

--- Comment #2 from Jan Hacker <jan at hacker dot ch> ---
(In reply to Carlos O'Donell from comment #1)
> (1) What is the default without nsswitch.conf?
> We define DEFAULT_CONFIG in the source file that is used to define the
> service.

Yes, thank you -- a few minutes ago, djdelorie pointed this out to me on IRC.
I really only mis-read the code :-(
In the meantime, I verified it really works as documented.

> (2) What *should* the default be?
> I think it should probably be adjusted to "files dns" as we use in modern
> day distributions.
> In summary:
> - I think we're only talking about (2) in this case, but if you have
> observed (1) to be wrong, then please say so and provide some debugging
> details.

I'm really happy to hear you're open to adjusting the default!
I think that would be a user-friendly change - and, as a side-effect, it would
also resolve the original issue I raised within Go :-)

So far, I couldn't come up with any negative effects of that change...
DJ Delorie proposed to take such a discussion to libc-alpha.
Would you like me to post a corresponding thread on libc-alpha or will you
simply discuss/manage it "internally"?


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