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[Bug localedata/18812] kab_DZ: new Kabyle Algeria locale

--- Comment #25 from Mike FABIAN <maiku.fabian at gmail dot com> ---
(In reply to Belkacem Mohammed from comment #17)
> We updated ( me and some academicians from Bejaia Univesity, and independant
> authors) some data in CLDR 32 that will be released next 1st November.
> Note that the same data is currently used the kab locale of VK (social
> network), lighthning (Calendar on thanderbird), Evernote, Wikimedia,
> OpenStreetmap,.. and more other tools we localized into kabyle
> Here are the common name used for months and days and their short forms:
> These names are taught at School in Algeria (Kabylia). In fact, some authors
> use declination (other local forms). The forms below, are the most used.
> mon  "yennayer";/

Why does this start with a lower case “y”? In CLDR trunk it is “Yennayer”
with an uppercase “Y”.

>      "Fuṛar";/
>      "Meɣres";/
>      "Yebrir";/
>      "Mayyu";/
>      "Yunyu";/
>      "Yulyu";/
>      "Ɣuct";/
>      "Ctembeṛ";/
>      "Tubeṛ";/
>      "Wambeṛ";/
>      "Dujembeṛ"

The above is the same as the "stand-alone" forms in CLDR but a little
different from the locale as attached to this bug. So it is probably
OK if I use the stuff from CLDR here.

> abmon  "yen.";/
>        "fur.";/
>        "meɣ.";/
>        "yeb.";/
>        "may.";/
>        "yun.";/
>        "yul.";/
>        "ɣuc.";/
>        "cte.";/
>        "tub.";/
>        "wam.";/
>        "duj.";/

The stand-alone forms in CLDR trunk are:

<monthContext type="stand-alone">
        <monthWidth type="abbreviated">
                <month type="1" draft="unconfirmed">Yen</month>
                <month type="2" draft="unconfirmed">Fur</month>
                <month type="3" draft="unconfirmed">Meɣ</month>
                <month type="4" draft="unconfirmed">Yeb</month>
                <month type="5" draft="unconfirmed">May</month>
                <month type="6" draft="unconfirmed">Yun</month>
                <month type="7" draft="unconfirmed">Yul</month>
                <month type="8" draft="unconfirmed">Ɣuc</month>
                <month type="9" draft="unconfirmed">Cte</month>
                <month type="10" draft="unconfirmed">Tub</month>
                <month type="11" draft="unconfirmed">Wam</month>
                <month type="12" draft="unconfirmed">Duj</month>

i.e. starting with upper case letters and without the final dot.

OK to use it as in CLDR?

> day  "Acer";/
>      "Arim";/
>      "Aram";/
>      "Ahad";/
>      "Amhad";/
>      "Sem";/
>      "Sed"

Same as in CLDR trunk.

> abday  "ace.";/
>        "ari.";/
>        "ara.";/
>        "aha.";/
>        "amh.";/
>        "sem.";/
>        "sed."

CLDR trunk has:

<dayContext type="stand-alone">
        <dayWidth type="abbreviated">
                <day type="sun" draft="unconfirmed">Ace</day>
                <day type="mon" draft="unconfirmed">Ari</day>
                <day type="tue" draft="unconfirmed">Ara</day>
                <day type="wed" draft="unconfirmed">Aha</day>
                <day type="thu" draft="unconfirmed">Amh</day>
                <day type="fri" draft="unconfirmed">Sem</day>
                <day type="sat" draft="unconfirmed">Sed</day>

I.e. starting with an upper case letter and without
the final dot.

OK to use it as in CLDR?

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