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[Bug localedata/22241] New locale: Yakut (Sakha) locale for Russia (sah_RU)

--- Comment #4 from Mike FABIAN <maiku.fabian at gmail dot com> ---
(In reply to Rafal Luzynski from comment #1)

> THE MAJOR ISSUE HERE: The abday and day arrays must always start with
> Sunday.  If you want to display Monday first it will be specified elsewhere.
> See also:

The relevant part at the link Rafal gave is:

    WEEKSTARTDATE specifies the base of the abday and day lists

    first_weekday specifies the offset of the first day-of-week in the
    abday and day lists

    For compatibility reasons, all locales should set WEEKSTARTDATE on
    19971130 (Sunday) and base the abday and day lists appropriately,
    and set first_weekday 1 or 2 depending to whether their week
    actually starts on Sunday or Monday.

So you should set "first_weekday 2" if you want to display Monday in
the first column of a calendar but start the abday arrays with Sunday

> Now when you fix these bugs please provide a patch instead of a file.  The
> patch should add this file and add the language to localedata/SUPPORTED. 
> Though, I'm not sure ATM if the new line in localedata/SUPPORTED should be
> "sah_RU/UTF-8" or "sah_RU.UTF-8/UTF-8".  Please see some examples of patches
> which add a new language:

I think "sah_RU/UTF-8" is better.

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