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[Bug libc/18822] Internal functions are called via PLT

--- Comment #75 from H.J. Lu < at gmail dot com> ---
(In reply to from comment #74)
> I don't think this will stay fixed without a checked-in testcase.
> Such a testcase, to be machine-independent, should not be checking names 
> of relocations.  Instead it needs to look at properties of (global/weak) 
> symbols in objects that go into shared libraries.  Symbols (defined or 
> undefined) that are not hidden, but are not exported from those shared 
> libraries, are suspect, but I'm not sure how reliably GCC will mark 
> undefined symbols hidden even given appropriate declarations (and there 
> may also be issues with undefined symbols properly called from .S sources 
> but not marked hidden there).  So likely lists of exceptions to any such 
> tests would be needed (including architecture-specific exceptions for e.g. 
> libgcc symbols).

I opened PR 22237 to track it.

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