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[Bug libc/21049] segfault in longjmp_chk() due to clobbered processor register

--- Comment #2 from Helge Deller <deller at gmx dot de> ---
Hi Dave,

On 13.01.2017 20:54, dave.anglin at bell dot net wrote:
> --- Comment #1 from dave.anglin at bell dot net ---
> On 2017-01-13 12:39 PM, deller at gmx dot de wrote:
>> Created attachment 9752
>>    -->
>> Patch to ./sysdeps/hppa/__longjmp.c

> Please send to libc-alpha list with a ChangeLog entry, and CC Carlos, 
> Mike, Aurelian and myself.

sure, I can do that.
One question before that:
I did built the debian glibc package with my change.
But it failed to build because there were 2-3 bugs while running the testsuite.
One failure was tst-cancel2 (or something like that), the other one was 
some NIS testcase (although I can understand that, because I was building
on a machine at SAP where NIS is active and as such it doesn't behaved like
a standard debian buildd).
What makes me wonder is, that glibc package is uploaded in debian, but
in my build I saw the failure (I'm sure the failures are not due to that
Did you uploaded the debian glibc packages manually?


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