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[Bug math/21047] arm: fpu_control.h: _FPU_GETCW/_FPU_SETCW is rejected by clang

--- Comment #5 from joseph at codesourcery dot com <joseph at codesourcery dot com> ---
There is a clear case for the assembler to accept these coprocessor names 
for these instructions, or otherwise provide syntax that inline asm can 
use to access them, with register etc. operands substituted in, without 
requiring VFP support at assembly time and without marking objects as 
using VFP.  It just so happens that the clang assembler is missing this 
feature (which you can consider a feature of the GNU assembler language 
for ARM that's outside the ARM-defined language, if you wish) required for 
building glibc for ARM.  I don't know if it has an alternative syntax for 
that purpose of building code with runtime-conditional uses of VFP, but 
for using the installed header adding an alternative using the VFP names 
for !__SOFTFP__ would suffice if someone wishes to implement that.

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