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[Bug build/20729] glibc-2.24 fails to build for i486 with -Os

--- Comment #19 from joseph at codesourcery dot com <joseph at codesourcery dot com> ---
On Fri, 28 Oct 2016, carlos at redhat dot com wrote:

> FAIL: conform/ISO/assert.h/linknamespace
> FAIL: conform/ISO/locale.h/linknamespace

The list of headers isn't really interesting here; it's the contents of 
the test output files.  Presumably there are a few key functions that get 
inlined for -O2 but not -Os and are responsible for a large proportion of 
these failures because some code using them gets pulled in for most/all 
static links.  Fixes would need determining case-by-case, e.g. making a 
function always_inline, making a header inline visible for -Os when 
building glibc, or using an internal-namespace name for a function while 
making sure that gets inlined for -O2 just as the user-namespace version 
got inlined.  (But the linknamespace failures are bug 19463 and localplt 
failures with -Os are bug 15105, so this bug should be considered to be 
just about the build failure, and separate bugs filed for other defects in 
the resulting libc that don't already have their own bugs.)

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