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[Bug malloc/20425] unbalanced and poor utilization of memory in glibc arenas may cause memory bloat and subsequent OOM

--- Comment #24 from Sumeet Keswani <sumeet.keswani at hpe dot com> ---
No, we have not had the chance to debug it further.

We believe its a case bug 11261 on steroids - in some sense. Each Arena
actually holds on to 5x to 50X of the memory that is given to the application.
After Bug 19048 was fixed all arenas start to demonstrate this bloat.
Consequently the application quickly OOMs.

We have been trying to manage it using MALLOC_TRIM_THRESHOLD_ and
MALLOC_ARENA_MAX in some cases. In other cases we have had success using
The dynamic mmap threshold does not help since we do pretty large allocations
from time to time causing a lot of bloat.

Its still on my plate to run a periodic malloc_stats to demonstrate the long
term algorithmic problem. I have not gotten to it yet.

you may mark this as Need Info

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