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[Bug build/20615] New: glibc build fails when using --with-cpu=power9 --enable-multi-arch

            Bug ID: 20615
           Summary: glibc build fails when using --with-cpu=power9
           Product: glibc
           Version: 2.23
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: build
          Assignee: unassigned at sourceware dot org
          Reporter: tuliom at linux dot
                CC: carlos at redhat dot com
  Target Milestone: ---

The system complains of multiple defined symbols when building glibc 2.23, 2.24
and master with --with-cpu=power9 --enable-multi-arch:

gcc-6   -nostdlib -nostartfiles -r -o /home/tuliom/tmp/glibc-build/libc_pic.os
 -Wl,-d -Wl,--whole-archive /home/tuliom/tmp/glibc-build/libc_pic.a -o
/home/tuliom/tmp/glibc-build/libc_pic.a(bzero.os): In function `__bzero':
e definition of `__bzero'
eps/powerpc/powerpc64/power8/memset.S:446: first defined here
/home/tuliom/tmp/glibc-build/libc_pic.a(memcmp-ppc64.os): In function
/home/tuliom/src/glibc/string/../string/memcmp.c:312: multiple definition of
eps/powerpc/powerpc64/power7/memcmp.S:26: first defined here

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