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[Bug libc/20468] SIGSEGV in internal_getent on arm64 xenial

--- Comment #5 from sokoow at gmail dot com ---
(gdb) info registers
rax            0x7ffff7702648   140737344710216
rbx            0x7fffffff       2147483647
rcx            0x6f6c09312e302e30       8028802342527708720
rdx            0x0      0
rsi            0x7fffe8000b04   140737085704964
rdi            0x7ffff77015a4   140737344705956
rbp            0x7fffe80008c0   0x7fffe80008c0
rsp            0x7ffff7701420   0x7ffff7701420
r8             0x7fffe8000b04   140737085704964
r9             0x7ffff7702648   140737344710216
r10            0x80000  524288
r11            0x246    582
r12            0x7ffff7701590   140737344705936
r13            0x7ffff7701590   140737344705936
r14            0x408    1032
r15            0x31     49
rip            0x7ffff5c82259   0x7ffff5c82259 <internal_getent+233>
eflags         0x10207  [ CF PF IF RF ]
cs             0x33     51
ss             0x2b     43
ds             0x0      0
es             0x0      0
fs             0x0      0
gs             0x0      0

asm dump:

   0x00007ffff5c82235 <+197>:   pop    %rbx
   0x00007ffff5c82236 <+198>:   pop    %rbp
   0x00007ffff5c82237 <+199>:   pop    %r12
   0x00007ffff5c82239 <+201>:   pop    %r13
   0x00007ffff5c8223b <+203>:   pop    %r14
   0x00007ffff5c8223d <+205>:   pop    %r15
   0x00007ffff5c8223f <+207>:   retq   
   0x00007ffff5c82240 <+208>:   callq  0x7ffff5c81180 <__ctype_b_loc@plt>
   0x00007ffff5c82245 <+213>:   mov    %r12,%r13
   0x00007ffff5c82248 <+216>:   mov    %rax,%r9
   0x00007ffff5c8224b <+219>:   mov    (%rax),%rdx
   0x00007ffff5c8224e <+222>:   jmp    0x7ffff5c82254 <internal_getent+228>
   0x00007ffff5c82250 <+224>:   add    $0x1,%r13
   0x00007ffff5c82254 <+228>:   movsbq 0x0(%r13),%r15
=> 0x00007ffff5c82259 <+233>:   testb  $0x20,0x1(%rdx,%r15,2)
   0x00007ffff5c8225f <+239>:   mov    %r15,%r14
   0x00007ffff5c82262 <+242>:   jne    0x7ffff5c82250 <internal_getent+224>
   0x00007ffff5c82264 <+244>:   test   %r15b,%r15b
   0x00007ffff5c82267 <+247>:   je     0x7ffff5c821d0 <internal_getent+96>
   0x00007ffff5c8226d <+253>:   cmp    $0x23,%r15b
   0x00007ffff5c82271 <+257>:   je     0x7ffff5c821d0 <internal_getent+96>
   0x00007ffff5c82277 <+263>:   cmp    0x10(%rsp),%r13
   0x00007ffff5c8227c <+268>:   jae    0x7ffff5c824ca <internal_getent+858>
   0x00007ffff5c82282 <+274>:   cmp    %r12,%r13
   0x00007ffff5c82285 <+277>:   jb     0x7ffff5c824ca <internal_getent+858>
   0x00007ffff5c8228b <+283>:   xor    %esi,%esi
   0x00007ffff5c8228d <+285>:   mov    %r13,%rdi
   0x00007ffff5c82290 <+288>:   mov    %r9,0x48(%rsp)
   0x00007ffff5c82295 <+293>:   mov    %rdx,0x40(%rsp)
   0x00007ffff5c8229a <+298>:   callq  0x7ffff5c810c0 <__rawmemchr@plt>
   0x00007ffff5c8229f <+303>:   mov    0x40(%rsp),%rdx
   0x00007ffff5c822a4 <+308>:   mov    0x48(%rsp),%r9
   0x00007ffff5c822a9 <+313>:   add    $0x1,%rax
   0x00007ffff5c822ad <+317>:   mov    %rax,0x30(%rsp)
   0x00007ffff5c822b2 <+322>:   cmp    $0xa,%r14d
   0x00007ffff5c822b6 <+326>:   mov    %r13,%rcx
   0x00007ffff5c822b9 <+329>:   je     0x7ffff5c824e8 <internal_getent+888>

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