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[Bug libc/19239] Including stdlib.h ends up with macros major and minor being defined

--- Comment #6 from Zack Weinberg <zackw at panix dot com> ---
With g++ 5 or 6, the C++ library headers don't seem to use <cstdlib> very much
anymore, and in particular Shafik's original test case compiles without

It has been agreed that, in some future release, glibc's  <sys/types.h> will
not include <sys/sysmacros.h> anymore.  As of 2.25, it still does, but you get
deprecation warnings if you use the macros without including <sys/sysmacros.h>.
 We have not decided exactly which future release will finally remove the
#include; to help us decide, please send reports of software that trips the
deprecation warnings to libc-alpha.

The warnings currently only happen if you use the macros in function-call
context; Shafik's test case, with `#include <cstdlib>` added, does _not_
trigger them, you still get the inexplicable errors.  This will hopefully be
addressed in a follow-up patch before 2.25 is released.

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