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[Bug libc/11787] Program with large TLS segment fails aio_write

--- Comment #20 from Mike Frysinger <vapier at gentoo dot org> 2012-03-25 05:28:43 UTC ---
on my Gentoo/x86_64 system with about 2000 packages installed that covers quite
a range of categories of software, here's my stats (using scanelf to count
non-symlinked ELFs in various dirs):

$ scanelf -yBRF '%F' /bin/ /sbin/ /usr/bin/ /usr/sbin/ | wc -l
$ scanelf -yBRF '%F' {/usr,}/lib64/ | grep -v -e '\.ko$' -e '/debug/' | wc -l

of those ELFs, 297 have TLS regions.  although i've got quite a number of
cross-compilers installed, so if i filter out all the gcc libraries (since
they're more or less just double counting), i get 85 ELFs.

of those, all but 2 are all easily under 0x100.  the only ones over are
libpixman which is 0x180, and then x11vnc/libvncserver which is 0x28a0.  in
this last case, it's almost entirely made up of a structure declaring the vnc
color palette.  and i don't think libvncserver really needs many threads ...
seems to launch short lived threads on the fly for processing input/output
requests.  i doubt it'll be a problem for these at all.

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