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[Bug libc/12377] getaddrinfo() should disregard link-local IPv6 addresses for AI_ADDRCONFIG purposes

--- Comment #5 from rick jones <rick.jones2 at hp dot com> 2011-07-07 19:37:40 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #0)

> For what it's worth, both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X appear to disregard
> link-local IPv6 addresses for AI_ADDRCONFIG purposes, with no apparent ill
> effects.

Perhaps there is different behaviour based on OS X version?

I put my test program into the hands of some OS X users, and on their systems
where there were only IPv4 and link-scope IPv6 addresses, the setting of
AI_ADDRCONFIG did not preclude resolving the likes of "::1" or a link-scope IP
address (so presumably "::1" was not special cased).  One of them is known to
be running 10.6.8, the other I don't have their revision information.

I can provide both the test program and output of it and ifconfig and such if
desired, but won't clutter the bugzilla with it unless asked.

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