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[Bug localedata/12962] New: Updates for fi_FI

           Summary: Updates for fi_FI
           Product: glibc
           Version: 2.14
            Status: NEW
          Severity: minor
          Priority: P2
         Component: localedata

Created attachment 5835
fi_FI update

The attached patch includes the following changes to fi_FI locale (listed in
the order they appear):

- Whitespace fixes
- LC_MONETARY: Update from CLDR 2.0 (*)
  - See also or SFS 4175
- LC_TIME: Do not include trailing spaces in abmon names
  - This isn't done by other locales either (e.g., Greek, French, Thai)
  - There's RH BZ 657572 where these trailing spaces have caused issues for
    application developers
- LC_TIME: Provide week definition
- LC_MESSAGES: Update from CLDR 2.0
- LC_TELEPHONE: Add tel_dom_fmt
- LC_NAME: Add a note about Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms usage in Finnish
- LC_ADDRESS: Update postal_fmt from Finnish Post Office recommendations at
  - There seems to be efforts to add address category to CLDR.  If that
    happens I will sync LC_ADDRESS from CLDR should there be any differences.
- LC_ADDRESS: Add missing country_*/lang_* entries

*) Finnish national localization initiative (Kotoistus) is actively
maintaining CLDR and Kotoistus can be regarded as the authority in
Finnish localization issues.

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