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[Bug libc/3748] New: Usage of `__libc_once' interface in `sysdeps/posix/getaddrinfo.c'

`sysdeps/posix/getaddrinfo.c' contains the following code:

  2033        /* Read the config file.  */
  2034        __libc_once_define (static, once);
  2035        __typeof (once) old_once = once;
  2036        __libc_once (once, gaiconf_init);
  2037        if (old_once && gaiconf_reload_flag)
  2038          gaiconf_reload ();

In the `if' statement it is assumed that `old_once' is a scalar value, which
need not be, and that it is zero-initialized by default, which need not be
either, although unlikely.

I will attach a patch with a proposal to fix this issue.

           Summary: Usage of `__libc_once' interface in
           Product: glibc
           Version: 2.4
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: libc
        AssignedTo: drepper at redhat dot com
        ReportedBy: tschwinge at gnu dot org
                CC: bug-hurd at gnu dot org,glibc-bugs at sources dot redhat
                    dot com

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