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[Bug libc/3440] locale.h macros like LC_ALL are not usable in #if

------- Additional Comments From eggert at gnu dot org  2006-11-10 19:06 -------
But this patch does not make it harder to debug programs, since it is already
the case that macros like LC_ALL are typically unavailable in the debug info.
<locale.h> has "#define LC_ALL __LC_ALL", and unless you use something like
gcc -g3, gdb won't see the LC_ALL.

If you like, I can rework the patch so that macros like __LC_ALL are
available in the debug info, but I doubt whether any normal users would
care so I don't see the point.

A better possibility is to rework this patch so that LC_ALL is typically
available in the debug info, while still conforming to C99 and POSIX.
This would require changing locale.h as well.  I can submit that patch
if you prefer.

(The patches for math.h and fenv.h -- bug 3439 -- are in a different category;
I'll look at them a bit later.)


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