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[Bug localedata/3326] New locale request: crh_UA

------- Additional Comments From tatar dot iqtelif dot i18n at gmail dot com  2006-10-12 23:26 -------
(In reply to comment #3)
> Which character encodings?  ISO-8859-9 is mentioned in the file but is it
> necessary?  I.e., is there sufficient existing practice?  The general direction
> is to only define a UTF-8 locale and define it has the base (i.e., crh_UA, not
> crh_UA.UTF-8).
I mostly based the encoding on some other locales i've looked at: most of them
specify an ISO encoding. 
As far as Crimean Tatar, web sites appear to favor windows-1254, and ISO-8859-9.
However, as far as i know, desktop's locale doesn't affect browser settings, so
UTF-8 would be as much, or perhaps more acceptable: would have the advantage of
more characters supported (could probably come in handy in text processing in
some apps), w/ barely any performance penalty. 
I would rely on your judgment on this one, but indeed UTF-8 does appear to be a
better choice, and it appears other locales are UTF-8-based, despite the source
comments. In that case, making UTF-8 the base would also be the right thing to
do, as i don't think there'll be a reason to ever have another base.
Please let me know if you'd like me to submit the locale w/ UTF-8 replacing


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