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[Bug nscd/489] nscd problem with multiple passwd databases

------- Additional Comments From nneul at umr dot edu  2005-04-29 02:08 -------
Subject: Re:  nscd problem with multiple passwd databases

How is a patch that negatively impacts no one other than those wishing
to use it "punishing" anyone? It's not like I even asked for the default
behavior to be changed, just to give the user the option to do it
without having to rebuild all of glibc just to get nscd changed.

-- Nathan

On Fri, 2005-04-29 at 02:01 +0000, drepper at redhat dot com wrote:
> ------- Additional Comments From drepper at redhat dot com  2005-04-29 02:01 -------
> There is nothing wrong with the way nscd works.  Your setup is broken if you
> have problems.  Don't use nscd if you don't want to change it.  I'm not going to
> punish everybody just because some people cannot maintain their systems correctly.


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