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[Bug nptl/884] There is error in nptl's nptl/pthreadP.h header file

------- Additional Comments From baz at irc dot msk dot ru  2005-04-28 09:11 -------
oops... like this:

--- pthreadP.h  2004-11-20 10:14:55.000000000 +0300
+++ pthreadP.h.fixed    2005-04-28 13:09:55.524141336 +0400
@@ -429,12 +429,13 @@
 # undef pthread_cleanup_push
 # define pthread_cleanup_push(routine,arg) \
   { struct _pthread_cleanup_buffer _buffer;                                  \
-    __pthread_cleanup_push (&_buffer, (routine), (arg));
+    __pthread_cleanup_push (&_buffer, (routine), (arg)); }
 extern void __pthread_cleanup_pop (struct _pthread_cleanup_buffer *buffer,
                                   int execute) attribute_hidden;
 # undef pthread_cleanup_pop
 # define pthread_cleanup_pop(execute) \
+  { struct _pthread_cleanup_buffer _buffer;                                  \
     __pthread_cleanup_pop (&_buffer, (execute)); }


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