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[Bug libc/516] dlopen() error message could be improved when loading different elf class

------- Additional Comments From uttamp at us dot ibm dot com  2005-04-27 19:31 -------
(In reply to comment #1)
> The glibc dynamic linker if it sees different ELF class shared object skips it
> and keeps searching for other shared objects.
> So the error reported really matches the problem why the library has not been
> loaded.

Generally this works out fine, but what if an application tries to load a
specific library which is present but happen to be of different ELF class. In
that case, the current error message doesn't make much sense infact it is little
confusing. In this case, the message should say exactly, what the error is and
that is application is trying to load a wrong (ELF class) library.

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