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[Bug nptl/378] posix_spawn implementation, use vfork/execve rather than fork/execve for NPTL Linux.

------- Additional Comments From chris dot quenelle at sun dot com  2005-04-06 22:03 -------

If you want to support applications that depend on specific
behavior, then you could add two new flags:


Then ask consumers (over time) to add these flags when
it's required.  That effectively converts a dependance
on an implementation defined behavior into a dependance
on a platform-specific extension.  It moves the dependence
from being implicit to being explicit.

Eventually you could assume that any application that doesn't
say what it wants should be resilient to any variety of
implementation defined behavior.

On systems that can't support one of those styles, it also
allows the posix_spawn call to return an error when the user
explicitly asks for something which can't be supported.


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