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[Bug libc/821] dlclose dependency bugs

------- Additional Comments From cvs-commit at gcc dot gnu dot org  2005-04-06 02:50 -------
Subject: Bug 821

CVSROOT:	/cvs/glibc
Module name:	libc
Branch: 	glibc-2_3-branch
Changes by:	2005-04-06 02:49:59

Modified files:
	elf            : dl-close.c dl-fini.c 

Log message:
	2005-03-18  Ulrich Drepper  <>
	[BZ #821]
	* elf/dl-fini.c (_dl_fini): Split sorting of the maps in separate
	function _dl_sort_fini.
	(_dl_sort_fini): New function.
	* sysdeps/generic/ldsodefs.h: Declare _dl_sort_fini.
	* elf/dl-close.c (_dl_close): Call _dl_sort_fini before running
	destructors to call them in the right order.
	[BZ #821]
	* include/link.h (struct link_map): Remove l_opencount.  Add l_removed.
	Change type of l_idx to int.
	* elf/dl-close.c: Basically rewrite.  Do not use l_opencount to
	determine whether a DSO has to be unloaded.  Instead compute this
	in this function.
	* elf/dl-deps.c: No need to manipulate l_opencount anymore.
	* elf/dl-lookup.c: Likewise.
	* elf/rtld.c: Likewise
	* elf/dl-open.c: Likewise.  Use l_init_called to determine whether
	object was just loaded.
	* elf/dl-fini.c: Bump l_direct_opencount instead of l_opencount.
	* elf/dl-load.c (_dl_map_object_from_fd): Do not recognize DSO which
	is about to be unloaded as a match.
	(_dl_map_object): Likewise.
	* elf/do-lookup.h (do_lookup_x): Do not look into DSO which is about
	to be unloaded.
	* elf/circleload1.c: Don't use l_opencount anymore.
	* elf/neededtest.c: Likewise.
	* elf/neededtest2.c: Likewise.
	* elf/neededtest3.c: Likewise.
	* elf/neededtest4.c: Likewise.
	* elf/unload.c: Likewise.
	* elf/unload2.c: Likewise.
	* elf/loadtest.c: Likewise.



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