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[Bug math/592] ia64 math library needs updating

------- Additional Comments From cvs-commit at gcc dot gnu dot org  2005-04-06 00:32 -------
Subject: Bug 592

CVSROOT:	/cvs/glibc
Module name:	libc
Branch: 	glibc-2_3-branch
Changes by:	2005-04-06 00:31:00

Modified files:
	.              : ChangeLog 
	sysdeps/ia64/fpu: Makefile e_acos.S e_acosf.S e_acosh.S 
	                  e_acoshf.S e_acoshl.S e_acosl.S e_asin.S 
	                  e_asinf.S e_asinl.S e_atan2.S e_atan2f.S 
	                  e_atanh.S e_atanhf.S e_atanhl.S e_cosh.S 
	                  e_coshf.S e_coshl.S e_exp.S e_exp10.S 
	                  e_exp10f.S e_exp10l.S e_exp2.S e_exp2f.S 
	                  e_exp2l.S e_expf.S e_fmod.S e_fmodf.S 
	                  e_fmodl.S e_hypot.S e_hypotf.S e_hypotl.S 
	                  e_lgamma_r.c e_lgammaf_r.c e_lgammal_r.c 
	                  e_log.S e_log2.S e_log2f.S e_log2l.S e_logf.S 
	                  e_logl.S e_pow.S e_powf.S e_powl.S 
	                  e_remainder.S e_remainderf.S e_remainderl.S 
	                  e_scalb.S e_scalbf.S e_scalbl.S e_sinh.S 
	                  e_sinhf.S e_sinhl.S e_sqrt.S e_sqrtf.S 
	                  e_sqrtl.S gen_import_file_list import_file.awk 
	                  import_intel_libm libm_error.c libm_lgamma.S 
	                  libm_lgammaf.S libm_lgammal.S libm_scalblnf.S 
	                  libm_sincos.S libm_sincos_large.S 
	                  libm_sincosf.S libm_sincosl.S libm_support.h 
	                  s_asinh.S s_asinhl.S s_atanf.S s_atanl.S 
	                  s_cbrt.S s_cbrtf.S s_cbrtl.S s_cos.S s_cosf.S 
	                  s_cosl.S s_erf.S s_erfc.S s_erfcf.S s_erfcl.S 
	                  s_erff.S s_erfl.S s_expm1.S s_expm1f.S 
	                  s_expm1l.S s_fdim.S s_fdimf.S s_fdiml.S 
	                  s_frexp.c s_frexpf.c s_frexpl.c s_ilogb.S 
	                  s_ilogbf.S s_ilogbl.S s_ldexp.c s_ldexpf.c 
	                  s_ldexpl.c s_libm_ldexp.S s_libm_ldexpf.S 
	                  s_libm_ldexpl.S s_libm_scalbn.S 
	                  s_libm_scalbnf.S s_libm_scalbnl.S s_log1p.S 
	                  s_log1pf.S s_log1pl.S s_logb.S s_logbf.S 
	                  s_logbl.S s_nearbyint.S s_nearbyintf.S 
	                  s_nearbyintl.S s_nextafter.S s_nextafterf.S 
	                  s_nextafterl.S s_nexttoward.S s_nexttowardf.S 
	                  s_nexttowardl.S s_round.S s_roundf.S 
	                  s_roundl.S s_scalblnf.c s_scalbn.c s_scalbnf.c 
	                  s_scalbnl.c s_tan.S s_tanf.S s_tanh.S 
	                  s_tanhf.S s_tanhl.S s_tanl.S w_lgamma.c 
	                  w_lgammaf.c w_lgammal.c w_tgamma.S w_tgammaf.S 
Added files:
	sysdeps/ia64/fpu: libm_cpu_defs.h libm_error_codes.h 

Log message:
	Merge newer ia64 libm updates from trunk.  [BZ #592]



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