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info sharedlibrary for non SVR4 systems ?


I'm developing a GDB stub directly based on the hypervisor's hardware APIs, and I would like to implement the "info sharedlibrary" command.

As i understood from the protocol documentation, there are 2
packets to handle shared libraries:
- qXfer:libraries:read
- qXfer:libraries-svr4:read

The difference between the two is that the first one
is designed for operating systems who manages their loaded libraries themselves, not accessible from memory directly

The other is for the contrary, when GDB can directly query the shared libraries through memory read.

Now, as i'm working from the hypervisor, I don't really care about permissions, so I want to implement only the general form:

I announced the support in my stub, but when i connect to my target with gdb and use the "info sharedlibrary", it won't send any packet to my stub.

Announced for the qXfer:libraries-svr4:read on the contrary makes gdb send a packet when "info sharedlibrary" is requested.

Did i missed anything ?
What packet would you recommend that I implement ?

Thanks !

Best regards,

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