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Readline on Windows (WAS: Re: [PATCH v2 0/2] MI: Add new command -complete]


I changed the subject as we got quite far from the original

> > > 
> > > How did you invoke GDB from cmd.exe, to make these problems appear?
> > > Can you show your exact invocation command line?
> > 
> > Just like:
> > 
> > H:\Projects\gdb\master\build-x86_64-msys2\gdb>gdb.exe
> But this doesn't create any pipes to communicate with GDB.  Instead,
> this communicates via the default stdin/stdout connected to the
> console, and GDB should recognize it as such.  So all the problems you
> describe should not happen, and indeed don't happen for me when I
> invoke GDB from cmd.exe.

Ah, sorry, I should have been more clear. I meant that it does not work
for me EVEN when on standard console so I doubted it would work better over 
pipes much better.

All the problems I described do happen when using standard console and never
worked no matter which GDB I used (compiled by myself or by some third party).

> Do you perhaps have a ~/.inputrc file, or some other local
> customization, which might affect how Readline works? 

Not that I know of. There's no ".inputrc" nor "inputrc" on my Windows filesystem.
I believe GDB compiled by myself uses the readline that comes with GDB.


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