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Re: RE: question of watchpoint

I'm glad to receive your reply.  I got your point. You mean it depends on the architecture implementation.
But If the architecture is evaluated on the physical address, how should be gdb do? 

From: Metzger, Markus T
Date: 2019-03-02 01:32
To:; gdb
Subject: RE: question of watchpoint
The question is what the underlying hardware does.  On IA, the watchpoint is evaluated on the linear (virtual) address, so you wouldn't get an exception when modifying the memory via the other mapping.
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> Sent: 22 February 2019 03:06
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> Subject: question of watchpoint
> Hi,  guys:
>     I have a question about watch-point.
>     If the program mapped a physical address(PA)  to two(or more than one)
> virtual address (VA and VB), if I set a watchpiont at Va, after this, I modify VB,
> what does gdb do?
>     Trigger a watchpoint or do nothing? If triggered a watchpoint how to report it?
>     If anyone knows, pls help me with it.
>     Thinks a lot.
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