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Re: Buildling gdb on Ubuntu 18.04

On 2019-01-31 01:22, Ömer Sinan Ağacan wrote:
Which bug are you referring to? Is it something know and documented in

I don't of if any of these are documented in Bugzilla, but

- gdb sometimes prints more than one newline after a record. According to
  section 27.2.2 there should be only one newline.

Oh, can you give a sequence of commands that triggers this?

- According to 27.2.2 a sequence of records result records should come after out-of-band record, but I sometimes get a sequence like [out-of-bound,
  result, out-of-bound].

I am not sure about the pedantic accuracy of the grammar for this, but I guess it works because the last out-of-band record can be considered as before the next result record, that has not yet arrived. The idea is that out-of-band records can happen pretty much at any time (and they are not necessarily related to the command you happen to have just issued previously).

- According to 27.2.2 a sequence of records should terminate with "(gdb)\n" or
  "(gdb)\r\n", but I get "(gdb) \n".

We should check how old versions behaved, but I would guess that in this case it's the documentation that is wrong, and should include the space. Would you mind sending a patch for this?

- Most annoyingly, when I add a breakpoint to a location that corresponds to multiple locations in the source code (so it leads to adding more than one
  breakpoint), the mi syntax gdb prints looks like this


which is not valid because a "result" should look like `x=y` so stuff after
  the first "result" (`bkpt={...}`) are not actually results.

This last one is the one I aim to fix in

Can you check if the proposed output makes sense to you?


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