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RE: Build root location affects debugging on PowerPC

Answering to myself:

Root cause for debugging to fail on PowerPC were the rpaths auto-planted into my binaries by CMake. After using set(CMAKE_SKIP_BUILD_RPATH TRUE), the debugging started working as it should independent from the build root location. Not sure why it was not an issue on my x86 build, maybe because there I add some rpaths manually and this may stop CMake from autoplanting them.
Tried my best to make the build completely deterministic but hitting the bug and thus the CRC part of --add-gnu-debuglink  will still change my binary a little bit every time I build.
Another non-determinism is the LTO I use for some small binaries, but that is another discussion.

I am splitting the debug information to separate debug file using objcopy and thus have used --add-gnu-debuglink. If someone knows a way to allow the debugging without the link, I am interested.  

> will file a bug report about the 8.0 

It existed already, so just posted some material for easy recreation on any PC:

-Lassi N.

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