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Re: can't push to binutils-gdb, git-hooks rejecting commits

Hi Pedro,

> I'm trying to push a patch to master, but it's getting rejected by the
> server-side git hooks.  Anyone else seeing the same?  See below.
> Repeating that big "git rev-list" command below locally shows:
>   fatal: bad revision '^refs/heads/users/hjl/pr17709'
> That branch doesn't appear to exist anymore.   Sounds like the hooks
> need to run "git remote prune origin" on their clone?  Does that make
> sense?

For me, I get a different error message, but in the same vein:

    fatal: bad revision '^refs/heads/users/hjl/gpoff'

I think it's related to the disk corruption. If the branch stopped
existing, git should have removed the associated reference.

I would try a "git fsck" to see if it detects any other kinds of
issues, and decide how to fix them. For instance, we could delete
those branches, and ask HJL to re-push.

I don't think the "git remote prune" command was meant for
that (I think it'll prune references from refs/remotes/ instead).

I can look into this, but as I traveling, availability on my side
is a little spotty.


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