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Re: new-ui and Windows

>I am looking to support the new-ui functionality[1] for Eclipse CDT on
> Windows [2]. 
> I would like to know if new-ui is supposed to work on Windows with
> mingw host?

I'm just looking at this as well, but for a Cygwin based GDB, rather than

>> The new-ui attempts to open a tty with
>> top.c:open_terminal_stream() which calls open(). On Windows, AFAIK,
>> this can only open a normal file.
>What kind of file would you like to pass to gdb?  My original idea
>was that on Windows you'd pass down the path to a bidirectional/duplex
>named pipe, and things would Just Work (TM).  Doesn't open() work on
>such named pipe paths?  If not, then the "struct serial" abstraction
>seems to know about named pipes already (ser-mingw.c), so maybe it'd work
>to adjust the new-ui code to use serial_open instead.

I think using serial_open would be quite handy, as presumably this would
allow a TCP connection to Eclipse?

If so, I suspect this would be a lot easier to support in Eclipse, as there
would be no need for JNI code to interface with Cygwin PTYs or Windows named
pipes - and it even could be the same Java code for MacOS and Linux too. 

Do you see any problems with that?


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