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Re: embedded system and "target remote"


I have done a patch that hands down thread information to remote.c.
As this is the first time I had a look at the gdb sources I'm pretty
sure my code is not suitable for integration...

The patch has (at least) the following problems:

- the thread id is needed in bp_target_info because this is what
remote.c will get. Because of this I now have the thread id in three
places (bp_location.thread, bp_location.overlay_target_info.thread and

- there is no way to turn this off (I have no idea how this would
normally be handled)

- I have extended the Z0/Z1/z0/z1 to provide an additional parameter
(the thread id) when target_info.thread is >= 0.

regards, Matthias

PS: The stub code will hopefully follow in a couple of days.
Matthias Pfaller                          Software Entwicklung
marco Systemanalyse und Entwicklung GmbH  Tel   +49 8131 5161 41
Hans-Böckler-Str. 2, D 85221 Dachau       Fax   +49 8131 5161 66                      Email
Geschäftsführer Martin Reuter             HRB 171775 Amtsgericht München

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