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embedded system and "target remote"


I'm currently implementing gdb server support for our cortex-m3/m4 based
embedded systems.

At the moment I have the following things working:
- reading and writing memory
- reading and writing registers
- thread info
- stopping/resuming threads
- single stepping a thread

At the moment I'm implementing break points using the FPB unit.

I would like to setup the FPB unit at context switch time for thread
specific break points. Is there a way to pass the referenced thread id
with the 'Z' commands?

Is there a way to modify the behaviour of the break point commands to
always reference the currently selected thread? Gobal breakpoints do not
make sense in my usage case.

Another thing I'd really like to do is to enforce non-stop and
target-async from the target side. Is there a way to do this?

regards, Matthias

PS: How does gdb recoginze the initial stack frame? At the moment stack
trace backs of stopped threads will not stop at correct frame.
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