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gdb and newer versions of compilers


I have a user that is claiming gdb 7.2 does not work with C++ code compiled with GCC 4.8.2. Gdb is provided by the system (RHEL 6) while the compiler is one that I have provided. I'm still working with the user on possible errors in their workflow with gdb, but I wanted to investigate the limits of gdb's ability to keep working with binaries compiled by newer compilers because I really don't know. What kind of changes in a compiler would cause a particular version of gdb to no longer work correctly with it? For example, I know that a change in library format would probably require a new version of gdb, but does a change in C++ specs require the same treatment?

I know that running with the latest version of gdb is a good idea to get passed bugs and to net new features, but I'm trying to gain some sort of intuition as to when a new version of gdb is necessary rather than just a good idea.

Thank you all for your time and any help,

David Shrader
HPC-3 High Performance Computer Systems
Los Alamos National Lab
Email: dshrader <at>

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