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Re: Questions about code reviews and static analysis tools for TU Delft research

> 1. Do all developers (contributors and core developers) have to submit
> a code review for every change? Iâm asking because many projects only
> review changes made by contributors.

Changes considered obvious do not need to be reviewed.

Nominated maintainers have the right to push a change without prior
review, but most submit the change and give others some time to comment
on it before doing the push.

In all cases, whether it be an immediate push without review or not,
the patch is always posted in the gdb-patches mailing-list.

> 2. Which code review tools are used?

There is no code-review tool used. Patches are reviewed by answer
the email that was used to submit the patch.

There is a patch tracking tool used by some maintainers.

> 3. Are static analyzers used? If they are used:
>   a. Is passing the checks of the static analyzers necessary for a change to be accepted?
>   b. Which static analyzers are used?

No static analysis tool used by the project per se. We had some
reports from the past sent to us; and, when appropriate, we made
some adjustments based on those reports.


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