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Re: C injection GDB project

On 11/02/15 13:23, Simone Baratta wrote:
> Good morning to all;
> Maybe this could be a project for the 2015 gsoc? Projects applications have begun in these days.
> I would be interested too in participating in the code injection project; I have quite a strong confidence with C, C++ and gdb, although not with the advanced features of the latter.
> Also, I will have to start my master thesis project in the next months, could this be interesting for you? It would give me the possibility to work on it full time for some months.
> Thanks in advance,
> --
I have no objection. All help is appreciated. But...

I thought that GSoC project had to refer to a concrete and coherent
functional part of a project. Or a feature. I would really advise
against doing things like the C++ GCC plug-in as a GSoC project that
has an expectation of being finished at the end. It is a fierce
complex part of the project.

That being said if it can be sub-divided into some part that is
acceptable to those moderators of the project, I say sure, go ahead.



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