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Re: integrating dtc into the sim/ tree

> it's pretty mature imo.  lemme phrase it this way: it's a hard
> requirement nowadays for ARM on Linux, so it's def viable.  i think a
> lot of the docs you're referring to is because the library aims to be
> used literally everywhere -- vendor BIOS, vendor kernels, etc...  the
> license readme explains this a bit more:
> i'd be willing to make sure it builds everywhere.  the external
> dependencies in libfdt are extremely light (by design -- it wants to
> work in your typical BIOS).  basically it needs str/mem funcs and not
> ancient stdint.h.

You may actually have some issues with ancient stdint.h, but that
should be reasonably easy to take care of (eg. via gnulib) and
it seems to me like you have the answers to all my concerns, so
I no longer have any reservation towards that move. I would perhaps
poll the other GDB GMs to make sure they also have no objection
to it. So, to summarize:

  - Require dtc compiler in maintainer mode or when modifying
    some of the description files. Already required today for
    the moxie simulator.

    In non-maintainer mode, the generated files are already
    checked in.

  - Next step: Require and link against libdtc for all simulators
    instead of just moxie.


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