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Re: m32r build error

On Mon 18 Aug 2014 17:23:44 Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Host is Fedora 20. Target is m32r-rtems4.11. Failure is:
> -I../../../binutils-gdb/sim/m32r -I../common
> -I../../../binutils-gdb/sim/m32r/../common -I../../include
> -I../../../binutils-gdb/sim/m32r/../../include -I../../bfd
> -I../../../binutils-gdb/sim/m32r/../../bfd -I../../opcodes
> -I../../../binutils-gdb/sim/m32r/../../opcodes -g -O2 -c -o cgen-utils.o
> -MT cgen-utils.o -MMD -MP -MF .deps/cgen-utils.Tpo
> ../../../binutils-gdb/sim/m32r/../common/cgen-utils.c
> In file included from
> ../../../binutils-gdb/sim/m32r/../common/sim-basics.h:131:0,
> from ../../../binutils-gdb/sim/m32r/sim-main.h:12,
> from ../../../binutils-gdb/sim/m32r/../common/cgen-utils.c:22:
> ./tconfig.h:21:1: error: unknown type name âMODULE_INSTALL_FNâ
> MODULE_INSTALL_FN dv_sockser_install;
> ^
> make[3]: *** [cgen-utils.o] Error 1

the legacy autotool junk here seems to have gotten away from us.  i think it's 
time to stop putting off modernizing these things and rip them forward.  i 
haven't gotten around to it because it's one big pita yak shave, and you need 
to dig through the codebase quite a bit to figure out where the yak even 

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