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Re: ChangeLogs in commit messages

On Fri, Aug 15 2014, Gary Benson wrote:

> Joel Brobecker wrote:
>> > Does anybody have any experience writing such checks?  Or, does
>> > anybody know of any project that already uses such checks?  I can
>> > look into doing it myself (it's a pre-receive hook, right?)
>> I have loads of experience writing git hooks, but none with
>> this repository's implementation.
>> I would typically adjust the "update" hook for that, but it looks
>> like the "pre-receive" hook would also work.
> I've put together a quick pre-receive hook (inlined below).  Each
> received commit on the "master" branch that touches the "gdb"
> subdirectory gets its message checked.  The check itself is fairly
> cursory: it splits the message using the "YYYY-MM-DD  NAME  <EMAIL>"
> headers, checks each is preceeded by a path starting with "gdb/" and
> ending with "/", and checks each is followed by more "NAME  <EMAIL>"
> lines, blank lines, or lines starting with tab.  I don't know how
> comprehensive we want to be here as the message should already have
> been checked over by the reviewer.

Maybe (for now) we also want to check that the same ChangeLog entries
appear in the patch?

> I've never done anything server-side with git before, so there may
> well be things I'm missing here.  I was mainly experimenting to see
> how difficult this all was :)
> Cheers,
> Gary

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