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Re: Is python dependency detection acceptable?

On Tue 24 Jun 2014 10:48:05 Tony Wang wrote:
> Recently I'm building gdb with python support, and I noticed that gdb
> with python support will heavily depends on the python environment on
> the build machine.
> So if I give the gdb with python support to other PC, and the python
> environment is different from my build machine, the gdb will fail to
> launch. Basically, I think python support is not wanted by every user,
> but it's a little bit confusing for toolchain maintainer to release
> two version of gdb(with and without python). So is it possible to
> detect in the gdb, whether the user python environment is ok?(Usually
> user will have python, but the library path or version may cause the
> gdb fail to launch). If the user do not have the python, then just
> disable python function in gdb.
> I've noticed a hack patch to do this before, it just test the pyinit
> function in a new thread to see if the python environment is ready. Is
> such a operation acceptable?

this is how we addressed it in CrOS:

we had to do this for the same reason you describe -- we build gdb in one env  
(Gentoo) and deploy it in another (Ubuntu), and the two have different pythons 
available.  python works fine in the original env and we want to keep it 
viable, but we don't want gdb killing itself simply because python isn't 

hopefully Yunlian will submit the patch for official consideration at some 
point :).

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