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GDB/MI output command documentation error


The documentation for a GDB/MI output command says,

output ==>
    ( out-of-band-record )* [ result-record ] "(gdb)" nl 

Where an out-of-band-record is one or more lines starting with
* + = (for async records)
~ @ & (for stream records)

A result record starts with a ^ (if no token is used).
The result record is after the possible out-of-band-records.

This Documentation is incorrect for the most basic GDB/MI command.
When I provide the GDB/MI command, -exec-run I get the following output.
    ^running                <- Incorrect location or docs are wrong

In mi-interp.c:mi_on_resume the code says:
  /* To cater for older frontends, emit ^running, but do it only once
     per each command.  We do it here, since at this point we know
     that the target was successfully resumed, and in non-async mode,
     we won't return back to MI interpreter code until the target
     is done running, so delaying the output of "^running" until then
     will make it impossible for frontend to know what's going on.

     In future (MI3), we'll be outputting "^done" here.  */ 
  if (!running_result_record_printed && mi_proceeded)
      fprintf_unfiltered (raw_stdout, "%s^running\n",
              current_token ? current_token : "");

So, I assume we aren't going to change what GDB outputs at this point.
For that reason, I would argue the documentation is wrong.

The correct grammar would be something like,
output ==>
  ( out-of-band-record )* [ result-record ] ( out-of-band-record )* "(gdb)" nl 


Bob Rossi

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